The Procedos P9 Platform

Instructor Course

How do we coach rotation? How do we create variability? How can we better assess our clients' movements?

The Procedos P9 Platform is the answer to all these questions and more.

Sneak Peek

The Power Of Procedos

A Map For Movement

8 angled directions, 9 targets, 3 foot directions for each target and 10 cm incremental measurements make the Procedos P9 the ultimate coaching and reference tool.

The Ultimate Variability Training Tool

The cheat sheet inspires you to include any of the 10 foundational movements and vary them using the 10 observational essentials also listed on the Platform. The possibilities are endless and individualised programs can be created for the novice mover and pro athlete.

Highly Portable And Functional

Use the Procedos P9 to add variability to your training. Couple it with your free weights, elastic resistance, cable machines, kettlebells, battle ropes and more to build resilience and movement efficacy.

Unleash Creativity And Interactivity

How far can you go? How will you make use of the P9 in your own practice? Unleash your creativity, and bring excitement and novelty to your clients' training sessions.



Procedos Is Powered By

The Gray Institute

Creators of Applied Functional Science.

Creators of Chain Reaction.

Functional Training pioneers for the past 40 years.

Earn Continued Education Units

Once your complete your Procedos Course you will receive a Procedos P9 Platform and you will earn Continued Education Units from:

  • ACE: 7 CEUs
  • NASM: 7 CEUs
  • AFAA: 7 CEUs

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