The Holistic Personal Coach

EQF L4 Certification

Become a knowledgeable and skilled one on one coach to guide your clients through corrective exercise programs and

performance enhancement training sessions. Build a reputable and sustainable business.

The Holistic Approach To Personal Training

The vast majority of our clients come with baggage. Injuries, metabolic disorders, hectic schedules and at times a lengthy medical history. The HPC (Holistic Personal Coach) course prepares you to properly manage operating in this new 21st century reality.

Course Outcomes


Observing, Assessing, Program Design and Coaching are essential skills we strive to build from Day 1. The 12 Week Guided Practice Program helps raise your confidence by enabling you to sharpen your skills.


When you join the course you will receive access to our online study platform. Once you graduate you will have access to the updated video and written content on your online platform account and you can also sit in the LIVE course as often as you need provided there are seats available. Those that do not pass will no longer have online access after their final exam.


They say knowledge is power. That might be so. We believe that taking action on what we know is essential to information becoming powerful. Learn the principles that most techniques in the movement world are built on so you can judge for yourself the authenticity of a program or exercise.

Certified & EREPs Registered

Once you graduate we will cover your 1st year registration in the EuropeActive prestigious EREPs. You will receive your FPA and EREPs certificates and membership number for you to log in and take full advantage of the benefits of being a EuropeActive Registered Exercise Professional.

Sneak Peek

Certification Journey

1-3 Weeks Running Up

Registration And Online Course Platform Access

We ensure all participants clearly understand the goal of the course, all prerequisites are met and participants get access to their online portal account.

Weekend 1  2 Days (16 hours)

Advanced Postural And Performance Assessments

We go beyond the Squat test we taught in the FFT and better understand how to assess posture in depth, movement efficacy to determine muscular imbalances and how they impact the performance of each Myofascial Movement Systems.

We will also teach Strength, Cardiorespiratory Endurance, Balance, Reaction Speed and other physical fitness components testing. We finish with a client assessment workshop using the FPA HPC forms to document your findings.

Weekend 2  2 Days (16 hours) 

Exercise Physiology, Gym Equipment Use, Foundational Movements And Variability

We teach how to introduce, progress and load variable movements both by using gym equipment and Foundational Movements.

Experience a calisthenics workshop focused on quadruped locomotion, power, balance and mobility training to expand your movement curriculum.

Understand how all we do through training strives to impact the body physiologically before we see the result mechanically.

Weekend 3   2 Days (16 hours) 

In Depth Training And Program Design Principles, Training Periodisation, Healthcare Continuum, Introduction To Stress Management

Designing a single workout is just the beginning. Practice building periodised training programs that break down into Macro, Meso and Microcycles.

We will uncover what is The Healthcare Continuum and how we can align and integrate our practice with nutrition, medical, rehab and other complementary healthcare providers.

Stress is spoken of as the silent killer of the 21st century. Our members deal with stress every day and so, we must find simple ways to support them in becoming healthier happier people whilst maintaining the bounds of our scope of practice.

Weekend 4  2 Days (16 hours)

Client Assessment, Program Design, Coaching And Business Workshops

Through workshops and case studies we put into practice assessing and progressing a client’s goals through the Integrated Functional Fitness framework.

We then build a clients journey, establish our niche and communication strategy, and begin building our business from the ground up.

We include marketing, sales, training and business admin templates to ensure your business is up and running as soon as you graduate.

Guided Learning And Practice  

12 Weeks 

12 Weekly Assignments

Each week receive an assignment. Perform assessments, build training programs, study assigned textbook chapters and practice coaching an assigned family of exercises.

Examination  1-2 Days

Theoretical And Practical Exam

Every participant must score 80% or more on each exam. The Theoretical exam is 150 multiple choice questions and the practical exam is a randomly assigned case study to design and coach a training program followed by a live interview.

Graduation  1 Day 


Receive your EREPs EQF L4 certificate with your unique membership number and set up your membership.


The Holistic Personal Coach (HPC) is an advanced course, and so, to best benefit of the experience, you must have completed the Functional Fitness Trainer course (EQF L3) and hold an active CPR AED first aid card before joining the HPC.

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