The Advanced GFPro Module 2

EQF L3 Certification

Master group fitness coaching, and incorporate functional movement training with advanced program design techniques

to deliver amazing group fitness experiences. Build a reputation based on excellence.

Knowledge And Skill

Skilled And Ready

By the end of the course you will have a collection of classes already programmed, vetted and ready to teach.

How awesome is that?

We include extensive practice time in both the live course and the weeks that follow so that you can deliver your training session safely, effectively and layer your authentic style with ease.

Refer To Your Extensive Media Library

Once you graduate you will have access to the updated video and written content on your online platform account and can also sit in the LIVE course as often as you need provided there are seats available.

Get lifetime access to the GFPro Module 2 online library including all future updates at no additional cost.


Taking action on what we know is essential to information becoming powerful. Learn the principles that most techniques in the movement world are built on so you can judge for yourself the authenticity of a program or exercise.

Certified & EREPs Registered

Once you graduate we will cover your 1st year registration in the EuropeActive prestigious EREPs. You will receive your FPA and EREPs certificates and membership number for you to log in and take full advantage of the benefits of being a EuropeActive Registered Exercise Professional.

The Comprehensive Group Fitness Certification

We have a burning passion for Group Fitness in all its forms. Science-based programming, impeccable technique and skilled coaching are the foundations we build into a solid reputation and service delivery and so, cater to a wide audience or opt to specialise with ease.

A Few Pictures

Certification Journey

1-3 Weeks Running Up

Registration And Online Course Platform Access

We ensure all participants clearly understand the goal of the course, all prerequisites are met and participants get access to their online portal account.

Day 1  8 Hours

Experience The Functional Movement Systems, Coach The Foundational Movements

Deepen your understanding of Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics. Explore the 5 primary Functional Movement Systems and how they interact when performing and coaching each Foundational Movement.

Day 2  8 Hours 

Load And Explore Foot And Leg Posture Fundamentals

Our feet are the base through which we interact with the physical world with every step we take. Understanding how their posture and function can impact our stance, squat and lunge is crucial. Learn to use plates, elastic resistance, platforms and more.

Day 3  8 Hours

The 5 Core Functions, Hip Mobility And Spine Alignment

The Core is the bridge that connects our upper and lower extremities. It channels and augments or dampens force production from one limb regardless of what we do. Understanding how to enhance its functions, and positively impact hip and spine alignment is essential to your class programming and coaching.

Day 4  8 Hours 

Enhance Shoulder Function, Design Amazing Group Fitness Classes

Safely prescribe and coach upper body training and support shoulder health. Design Strength, Power, Muscular Endurance, High Intensity Interval Training, Mobility, Balance, Circuit Classes and more with ease.

Guided Learning And Practice  9 Weeks 

Eight Weekly Assignments

Each week receive an assignment. Build training programs, study assigned textbook chapters and practice coaching an assigned family of exercises.

Examination  1-2 Days

Theoretical And Practical Exam

Every participant must score 80% or more on each exam. The theoretical exam is 100 multiple choice questions and the practical exam is a randomly assigned training goal based on which you will design a group class session and teach it live.

Graduation  1 Day 


Receive your EREPs EQF L3 certificate with your unique membership number and set up your membership.


The Advanced GFPro M2 dives into great detail, and therefore, to best benefit of the experience, and ensure you successfully join the course, you must have completed the Group Fitness Pro Module 1 and hold an active CPR and AED First Aid card.

How long is the GFPro M1?

The Live Course is held for 3 days, followed by 1 month of guided learning, and supported with video content.

What does the exam look like?

The theoretical exam is 50 multiple choice questions and participants have 60 minutes to answer. The practical exam is a 25 minute class filmed and submitted to the academy. A score of 80% or more in both exams is needed to pass.

Is attending the GFPro M1 a must? 

Depending on your current certifications and experience you might qualify for a one day equivalency course. Please send us your details and we will get back to you.

What if I don't pass?

We value skill building over simply scoring well, and because foundational coaching, musicality and execution take time, you may take the exams up to two times at no cost. The third time though, you will have to pay a fee to submit your exams.

When is the next GFPro M1?

Check out our social channels for course dates in your country, or send us your questions below.

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