The Functional Fitness Trainer

EQF L3 Certification

Build a solid foundation by incorporating indispensable knowledge and extensive practical application.

The result is the acquisition of a set of skills essential to your success and your clients' wellbeing.

Give Your Clients The Experience They Seek

As you dive deeper into the world of Client Coaching and Exercise Prescription you quickly understand that HOW your prepare and deliver your session is just as important as WHAT you deliver.


Observing, Assessing, Program Design and Coaching are essential skills we strive to build from Day 1. The 9 Week Guided Practice Program helps raise your confidence by enabling you to sharpen your skills.


Once you graduate you will have access to the updated video and written content on your online platform account and can also sit in the LIVE course as often as you need provided there are seats available.


They say knowledge is power. That might be so. We believe that taking action on what we know is essential to information becoming powerful. Learn the principles that most techniques in the movement world are built on so you can judge for yourself the authenticity of a program or exercise.

Certified & EREPs Registered

Once you graduate we will cover your 1st year registration in the EuropeActive prestigious EREPs. You will receive your FPA and EREPs certificates and membership number for you to log in and take full advantage of the benefits of being a EuropeActive Registered Exercise Professional.

A Few Pictures

Certification Journey

1-3 Weeks Running Up

Registration And Online Course Platform Access

We ensure all participants clearly understand the goal of the course, all prerequisites are met and participants get access to their online portal account.

Weekend 1  24 Hours

Set Foundations, Introduction To Integrated Functional Fitness

Dive into Anatomy, Kinesiology and Biomechanics and use Coaching drills to begin sharpening the fundamental skill of coaching.

Observe movement and identify areas for improvement to exponentially improve both your coaching and program design skills.

Weekend 2  8 Hours 

Assessments Practice

Assess 3-5 different people and use the forms provided. Bring your findings to Day 3 to share with the team and further each other's learning.

Day 3  16 Hours

Exercise Intensity Modification, Gym Equipment Workshop, Program Design Workshop

Learn to modify each exercise and program to ensure each client trains safely and effectively. Experience and understand how to use gym equipment and learn program design principles.

Create Macro, Meso and Microcycle programs, experience a final coaching and member information gathering workshop.

Guided Learning And Practice  9 Weeks 

Eight Weekly Assignments

Each week receive an assignment. Perform assessments, build training programs, study assigned textbook chapters and practice coaching an assigned family of exercises.

Examination  1-2 Days

Theoretical And Practical Exam

Every participant must score 80% or more on each exam. The theoretical exam is 100 multiple choice questions and the practical exam is a randomly assigned case study to design and coach a one week microcycle training program. The evaluator will choose one of the programs to be coached live.

Graduation  1 Day 


Receive your EREPs EQF L3 certificate with your unique membership number and set up your membership.

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