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Every course we create must answer a simple question before it is released.

Does assimilating this information and mastering this set of skills enable an Integrated Functional Fitness practitioner to excel in guiding and coaching their clients to success?

Find Which One Fits You


Group Fitness Pro

Bring your inner rockstar to life and master program design, coaching a group of participants to inspiring music.

Learn how the body produces movement in all planes of motion and how to design group fitness programs that are highly effective and engaging.


Functional Fitness Trainer

How does the human body produce movement, energy, and how can you stimulate an increase in strength, mobility, cardio-vascular endurance and power?

Set your foundational understanding of the Integrated Functional Fitness method and its training, programming, recovery and coaching principles.


Holistic Personal Coach

Coaching has been and currently is more than ever the most important skill.

Learn corrective exercise principles, how to collaborate with medical professionals, and build a robust business based on soft selling strategies, transparency and unparallelled value.

ACE, NASM, AFAA Accredited

Procedos PT

How do we coach rotation? How do we create variability? How can we better assess our clients' movements?The Procedos P9 Platform is the answer to all these questions and more.

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