Our People

A Shared Perspective

Teaching principle-based fitness courses implies a great deal of passion and genuine understanding of the human body systems, human movement and the human psyche.

This shared passion fuels our constant pursuit for truth while remaining true to our vision of what it truly means to be a Health and Fitness Professional.

We are fortunate to have a team of expert educators dedicated to all our students and their aspiration to become the most skilled fitness professionals they can be.

Our students' success fuels each and every one of us to do our very best each time we teach, write, create and coach them throughout their journey.

Together | Better Lives | Everyday

This is our Motto. We believe in collaboration, our shared goal of improving the lives of others and doing so with consistency every single day.



Marian Podoleanu


NASM & ISSA CPT, CES & Exercise Therapist

CES, Procedos Master Trainer, PNL1C

Founder and Global Educator

Dima Turk

APT, Pilates, RTS L1, NLP L2, TRX Certified

Global Educator

Mahmoud Rayyan

GFPro M1 Master Trainer, PT EQF L4,

Bsc Physical Education

Affiliate and Educator - Palestine

Hiba Dallal

GFPro M1 Master Trainer

Bsc Physical Education

GFPro M1 Educator - Palestine

Gary Leeman

IFPA L3, FMS L1, ITCA Triathlon Coach, BTEC Sports Science

Internal Verifier

Andrea Leonard



Cooper Institute Special Population Expert

Founder of CETI

International Collaborator & Advisor

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