Integrated Functional Fitness

The fitness professionals' framework to succeed in the 21st century.

"Integrated Functional Fitness is the holistic and collaborative coaching practice that aims to improve the physical performance, physiological function, and the emotional state of our athletes as we coach them towards achieving their goals."

Integrated Functional Fitness is based on these seven pillars

1 - Align Goals

How much time should you take in your initial assessment of a new client?

What clues should you probe for?

How do you interpret the results?

How do you decipher their goal into a well-thought-out process?

2 - Coach Habits

Habits are subconscious, and yet we learn and establish them consciously.

What habits will make up their growth and development process?

How can their habits be coached in and coached out?

What does the habit coaching process look like?

3 - Coach Foundational Movements And Variability

We were born with a pre-programmed set of foundational movements but as we grew up we forgot them, and became more rigid and fragile.

So, what are the foundational movements and how to teach them?

Training variability is essential to nurture resilience, health and performance.

Do your clients squat at home the way they squat in the gym?

4 - Coach Intentional Movement

We move habitually or intentionally.

Your goal is to coach people to move well intentionally so their mind and body learn how to move well habitually.

How do I teach intentional movement?

5 - Progress Holistically

We must look beyond loading parameters when thinking of progressing a client.

Does the efficacy of their recovery habits allow progression?

6 - Coach Recovery

For how long should a person sleep?

How can I coach my client to ensure adequate recovery?

What makes a comprehensive recovery program?

How does breathing impact stress and vice versa?

How should we breathe when recovering, training and throughout the day?

7 - Build An Integrated Practice

Can we know it all?

Can we become experts in all our clients' need?

We are coaches and movement specialists that can help our clients attain a tremendous array of goals.

Our client's journey on the path leading to their goals is not entirely known, and in order to adequately support them we have to reach out and collaborate with nutrition specialists, doctors, therapists and other healthcare professionals.

Integrated healthcare is the path forward and so, we must support and accelerate its spread and evolution.

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