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Develop your understanding of the human body based on scientifically sound research and internationally recognised best practices and traditions.

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Sharpen your coaching skills and refine your exercise library with our curated video training materials.

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Once you graduate you will be listed in the prestigious EREPS (European Registry of Exercise Professionals) recognised in most countries worldwide.

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Weekly assignments and periodic coaching calls after the live training ensure you successfully complete your learning journey.

A Word From Our Students

The FFT course was a turning point in my fitness career. It highly broadened my fitness knowledge in multiple aspects such as aligning the right exercise to the targeted muscle, using the right equipment, and advising my clients professionally and correctly within my framework as a fitness trainer.

Although the course was over a relatively short period of time, it was immersive, and informative, yet it didn’t feel like it was a rushed process of learning. Our instructor Marian did great efforts in presenting in the material clearly, and offered further details in recorded videos in our study group on Facebook and WhatsApp.

I highly appreciate how he helped us to study the material throughout the whole course in a way that the best results were achieved, I also appreciate his time and  patience in answering all of my questions.

Siba Shanti

FFT Certified, EQF L3, Swimming Instructor

It was a pleasure working with you and learning a lot from your knowledge and skills. I am very thankful for you. After 4 years of studying sport science in university the important things that I have learned from you topped everything in my 4 years of studying.

Day by day when studying the course and watching your videos I learn more and more.  I can see great and fast results in my performance, skills, knowledge and with my clients thanks to your coaching techniques.

Last but least, wherever you are giving a course or sharing your knowledge I will be there at first stand because what I learn from you is extraordinary and super beneficial. Learned a lot, I am very thankful coach.

Zaid Bkerat

GFPro and FFT Certified, EQF L3, B.Sc Sports Science

I attended the Functional Fitness Trainer course in March 2020 and we were lucky that we managed to finish the course before all the lockdown started because of Covid 19.  

The course was well organized with tons of information that every coach must know,  It can be overwhelming for someone that is new to anatomy and muscular system to go through all the details of the first couple of days, but the coaches were amazing in the way they presented the topics which reflected their thorough understanding of what they are presenting and their actual experience in this field. 

The follow up after the course was excellent in terms of making sure that we do not face issues while studying for the exam, sending us bi-weekly and weekly homeworks to help us with the study and preparation for the exams, and always encouraging us to send our questions, feedback, etc.. and taking the time to answer and discuss whatever issue that we have.I have learnt a lot from the course and it opened a new horizon for me and got me hooked up on understanding the muscles and their role in all the movements that we do on daily bases.

Rama Ishaaq

FFT Certified, EQF L3, Crossfit L1 Coach, Cancer Exercise Specialist (CETI Certified)

My name is Rami Al -Satari. I’m a GX instructor and a personal trainer. I took the GFPRO  and the FFT courses .I studied sports management and training in college , in my 4 years of studying I haven’t learned like i  did in these courses .

The amount of information I received in both courses is huge and it really helped me on the field of work, my classes became more professional, I started to do proper assessments for my clients and because of that my client base started to grow.

The courses helped me to think deeper and in a functional way towards the client rather than a shallow approach.A special thanks to coach Marian and coach Dima for their amazing teaching.

Rami Al Satari

GFPro, FFT EQF L3, B.Sc Sports Management

You Will Become A...

Group Fitness Pro

Bring your inner rockstar to life and master program design and coaching a group of participants to inspiring music.

Learn how the body produces movement in all planes of motion and how to design group fitness programs that are highly effective and engaging.

Functional Fitness Trainer

How does the human body produce movement, energy, and how can you stimulate an increase in strength, mobility, cardiorespiratory endurance and power?

Set your foundational understanding of the Integrated Functional Fitness method and its training, programming, recovery and coaching principles.

Holistic Personal Fitness Coach

Coaching has been and currently is more than ever the most important skill.

Learn postural optimization exercise principles, how to collaborate with allied health professionals, and build a robust business based on soft selling strategies, transparency and unparalleled value.




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EuropeActive is the leading not-for-profit organisation representing the whole of the European health and fitness sector in Brussels.


We constantly operate with transparency regarding our materials, teams, students and EuropeActive.



The first bricks were laid in 2005 when I started teaching group fitness instructor workshops for the Sports for All Federation in Romania.

Providing educational courses is a responsibility in my view that extends beyond the student. We hold ourselves accountable to what our students are taught and how they use the acquired skills and knowledge to effectively help others move and live better lives.

I believe in a collaborative transparent approach based on fairness and equal opportunity for all, without compromising on our standards as per EuropeActive EQF framework.

Marian Podoleanu


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